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How to shrink special tube PTFE26012NC and PTFE26014NC, made of PTFE (Instruction)

1. First of all, always assure good ventilation in the immediate work area prior to beginning the heat shrinking process.

Caution: Fumes may cause nausea and dizziness.

2. The mandrel to be covered by the heat shrink must be able to withstand the required temperature for material recovery (see table at right).

3. The mandrel being covered may act as a heat sink (especially metal mandrels). Therefore, we recommends preheating mandrels.


The methods and examples of using of heat-shrinkable tubing

We have already written about that the main purpose of heat-shrinkable tubes - is the formation of a dielectric (electrically insulating) layer on the surface of various products. But other than purely electrical purposes of heat-shrinkable materials, there are other areas where we can use them, but not everyone know about them. In this article we will try to share some of them drawn from the experience of our customers. It is possible that the examples described here will make You come across to other interesting ideas and technologies of heat shrinkable tubing, which you then share with us.


Terminations for electric cable or what are heat shrinkable end caps needed for

High voltage electric cables - it's not just a thick in wire insulation. It is a complex structure of the current-carrying conductors, insulating layers, shielding braids, external power and insulating shells, semi-conductive layers, etc. It is a product of modern technology, which is refined over many decades to become a reliable and durable vehicles for the transmission of high-power electrical energy flows. And we do not want to talk about electrical wires, but about a small polymer products - heat shrinkable caps or connecting hardware - which, for all its simplicity - is also a product of high technology. So what is the point between them? Direct!


Where did the name of the cambric came from? (Etymology of the word CAMBRIC)

During informal conversations with a cup of tea, discussing electrical products in the collective COP "Alva" raised the question: "Where did the name "cambric" came from and what does it means? It is Clear that the meaning of the word cambric in the electrical sense is well known, but where did it originally came from, and what was the meaning? Searching for information in the Internet gave us the following result:


How to choose a thin wall heat shrinkable tube?

Our company will soon be ready to provide you with four types of thin-walled heat shrink tubing with different prices and some of its properties. Among this diversity of products is easy to get confused. So how to choose among them the type that you needed in ?